Mara Wil adopt

Hello! We are Mara and Wil (and our son Ethan, too!)

Dear Birthmother

We both come from close knit and supportive families who will graciously welcome your child into their lives. Having already adopted our son, Ethan, we understand the unique challenges that face adoptive children and are more sensitive to the needs of an adoptive child. Mara was raised with an adoptive brother and understands both the blessings and potential challenges associated with adoption. 

Mara has a big heart is very loving and overall an incredible wife. Mara is very generous and always does the right thing.
— Wil
Mara and Wil Adopt
Mara and Wilfrido Adopt
Wil is truly a selfless, kind and generous person. He is a loyal friend, good father and supportive spouse. Wil can be extremely silly—sometimes even when he is not meaning to.
— Mara
Mara and Wilfrido Adopt