Mara and Wilfrido Adopt
Mara and Wilfrido Adopt

Our Story

We were introduced at Wil’s brother and Mara’s friend wedding where we acted as the best man and maid of honor. While it is complete cliché, we literally fell in love immediately. Mara was attracted to Wil’s personality; he was (and still is) funny, outgoing, open-minded, and generous. Wil was attracted to Mara’s confidence, dry humor, compassion, and loving nature.

We enjoy spending the summer at the beach from sun up to sun down and at night, taking a stroll on the boardwalk. During the winter months, we spend the majority of our time traveling and visiting with family

Mara and Wilfrido Adopt
Meet Mara

In Wil’s words: Mara always looks at any situation in a positive manner and helps me see the good in everything. Mara is the person I have been looking for my whole life.

I admire the relationship that Mara has with her family—in particular her parents. Everyday she speaks to them and even sometimes, twice a day. 

After watching Mara with Ethan I can attest to the fact that Mara is an excellent mother. She is extremely patient, loving and consistent. She is happy to get on Ethan’s level and just be silly with him. I know that any child would be blessed to have her as their mother. 

Mara’s career journey: Mara works part-time as an attorney; mainly practicing commercial and employment litigation. Mara is committed to social justice and has spent significant time dedicated to this. After graduating from college, Mara spent a year volunteering with Jesuit Volunteer Corp. in Arizona. There she was in charge of an after-school tutoring and mentoring program for struggling children, taught social justice and biology to high school students, and worked in the office of peace and justice for the high school. She taught there for fours years before returning to the east coast to be closer to her family. The next two years, Mara taught religion to high school boys and worked in campus ministry before deciding to go to law school. Since graduating, Mara has primarily been working for a law firm. She has been blessed to work at a firm that understands Mara’s commitment to social justice and the importance of family. 

Mara and Wilfrido Adopt
Mara and Ethan
Mara and Wilfrido Adopt
Mara and Wilfrido Adopt
Wil and Ethan
Meet Wil Adopt
Meet Wil

In Mara’s words: He is truly good natured and always puts everyone before himself. He is outgoing and extremely friendly! I feel truly grateful to have met Wil and to be lucky enough to be married to him. He is truly my best friend. No matter what we do together, we always have a great time!

Wil is an excellent father.  He is loving, affectionate, actively involved and supporting. Ethan loves spending time with his Dad and looks forward to being Wil's helper.

Wil’s career journey: Wil is the Director of Operations. He is a prime example of someone who has worked his way up the corporate ladder and made his own way. He began his career in the mail room and now oversees seven national and global fortune 500 companies and law firms.

When looking at Wil’s accomplishments, it has to be emphasized that he was born to an immigrant family who had just relocated from Ecuador. Wil’s first language was Spanish and in fact, he did not learn English until he was in school. At the time Wil went to school, there wasn’t an ESL program, so Wil just had to try to learn it by himself. This was at the same time his parents were also learning the language so they were unable to assist him. Wil has accomplished so much and continues to work hard while understanding the importance of family.