Mara and Wilfrido Adopt

Adoption In Our Lives

In March 2014, we were contacted by Ethan’s birthmother, Tracey, who was wishing to place her child with a family. After speaking for several weeks, we met Tracey and Ethan’s two half-siblings. In September 2014, we were blessed to have Ethan placed with us. With Tracey, we have a semi-open adoption whereby we send photos/videos to her and provide her with updates on his development. While we were willing to have a more open adoption, we have a semi-open adoption based on Tracey’s comfort level. 

Mara's brother David goofing around at Christmas

Mara's brother David goofing around at Christmas

Mara’s brother is also adopted. Mara’s parents adopted David at six months of age, but never had the opportunity to meet and express their gratitude to David’s birthmother until David was 26 years old and met her for the first time. For David, this was also his first chance to find out where he came from. We believe that Mara’s brother as an uncle can provide your child with someone who understands the experience of being adopted.

We believe that an open or semi-open adoption would allow us to share your story with your child, so that he/she can understand how you much you loved him or her and how selflessly you acted. 

Ethan cannot wait to be a big brother