Both of our families are SO EXCITED to welcome another member to our family! 

Mara’s Family: Mara has two siblings. who both live nearby. Her brother loves being an uncle and Mara’s sister loves being an aunt. We all get together during holidays and special occasions and it is always a great time. While Mara’s parents do not live in the same state, they are extremely close. Mara’s father, when in town for business, comes to stay at their house. He is in town about every three weeks. Every year we vacation with Mara’s parents at their home and take a family vacations with them as well. Mara’s entire extended family attend Thanksgiving at Mara’s parent’s as well. Most family members extend their stay to around a week, which we all look forward to every year!

Wil’s Family: Will also has two siblings. His brother, along with his family, live in the neighboring town. Wil and Mara see them regularly. Wil enjoys going to the movies with his brother as they both enjoy Marvel comic movies. Wil’s sister and husband live several state away, but come to our house to visit annually. Wil’s parents live out of state. He comes from a close-knit family, most of whom have remained in the northeast. Wil’s parents throw annual events for the entire extended family. 

Mara and Wilfrido Adopt